Plaza Suite


Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon

Plaza Suite is actually three short unconnected plays, all set in the same suite of the Plaza Hotel, New York.

Act I :  Visitor from Mamaroneck

Karen Nash is hoping for a romantic celebration of her 24th (or was it 23rd?) wedding anniversary with her husband, Sam. He, however, is distracted by work problems.

Act II Visitor from Hollywood

Successful movie producer, Jesse Kiplinger is on a brief stopover in New York and makes contact with his high-school sweetheart, Muriel Tate, who visits him in his hotel suite. He is weary of all his Hollywood wives. She is bored with the ordinariness of her husband and their suburban life. Both, for their separate reasons, wish to defibrillate their teenage romance.

Act III Visitor from Forrest Hills

Norma and Roy Hubley are dressed and ready to celebrate the wedding of their daughter. The groom and all the guests are waiting downstairs, but the bride has locked herself in the bathroom and will not come out despite every effort by her parents to persuade her.